Advice for First Time Mothers

Whether your pregnancy is planned or a happy accident, one thing is for sure, after nine months you are going to be a mother. If it is your first time to go through this amazing change there are a lot of fears and doubts. There are a lot of questions you want answers for. You may worry and that may be something that is right on it. However, one thing is for sure, you can get through that because you are strong and you have your friends and family to back you up.

When you are a first-time mother you go through a lot of questions. From, whether you should go to a Fort Worth birthing center or have your baby in the hospital, decisions you have to make. So, in this article, you will be given advice from veteran mothers for you a first-time mother.

Being a mother whether you are a first-timer or a veteran mother doesn’t really have a fixed guide. Nobody can do it perfectly and along the way you will commit mistakes. Some are terrified of becoming a mother because they just feel like that, they are going to hurt their child or mess them up. You don’t have to, you just have to be willing to do what is right and the next thing you know your child is soaring high and making you proud.

1. When you are expecting a certain gender and it turns out it isn’t what you were expecting, don’t let it rob you of the joy of having a baby. You will be so happy when the baby comes anyway whether they are a boy or a girl.

2. You will burp and fart a lot of times do not feel embarrassed with that, it’s completely normal.

3. You don’t have to buy maternity clothes. You can just use your normal clothes with little bit of extensions. You would totally look cute in your clothes even if the bump is totally noticeable. Don’t take on that extra frump and still look fabulous.

4. If you are having a c- section, ask your husband or your husband’s employer if he can have a paternity leave.

5. You will have beautiful skin while pregnant. However, it won’t last but don’t worry just enjoy it while it lasts.

6. Your shoes will fit again, that elephant ankle you’ve got going is something that you don’t have to worry about it will turn back to normal.

7. Research, don’t be scared to go to books or ask a professional. The more you know about things regarding your pregnancy you will feel a lot less scared and more in control.

8. When your water breaks, it isn’t really one straight gush it can and will sometimes, go for hours as you go through labor. Sometimes you will have to deal with towels in between your legs.

9. Your midwife sometimes a bit of encouragement too, you’ll be fine just make sure that you understand that giving birth is messy. Really messy.